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About Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Hollywood laser hair removal involves a complete removal of pubic hair from the female genital area. There are many types of hair removal ranging from a basic style which is normally just along the sides of the bikini line and covers the tops. While Hollywood style include removal of the pubic hair from the area including the labia, bum and lower abdomen.

What are the advantages of hollywood laser hair removal?

It’s benefits can vary from person to person. For some, it is simply a cosmetic procedure enhancing the personal appearance. One can carry on an active lifestyle without having to worry about the appearance of pubic hair in that area. For those being involved in sports such as swimming may mean that they do not wish for the hair to be shown in that area.

Does it help get rid of ingrown hair?

It is an excellent solution for the permanent hair reduction of ingrown hair, especially in the bikini line area.

How long does the result from this procedure last?

Unlike waxing or shaving, the results from this treatment may last for a number of years. But, this depends upon a number of factors such as number of sessions, genetics, colour of the skin etc.

Is this procedure for hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal treatment can be slightly painful for some people. While others don’t find it painful at all, as the laser works on inducing heat below the skin’s surface to destroy the hair follicle.

You may search for an experienced doctor to undergo such treatment.

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